Dentist Experience Influence Knowledge and Attitude
Towards HIV Patient in West Jakarta, Indonesia

Indrayadi Gunardi, Nadia Salsabila Nurina, Marcia, Rahmi Amtha

Faculty of Dentistry, Trisakti University, Indonesia



Background: Nowadays, there is an increasing population of HIV patient in Indonesia. Prevention of HIV disease transmission is very important to reduce the  numbers. Dentist's knowledge and attitude are two main component that may have a role in reducing and preventing the severity of HIV infection. No recent data is available about dentists' experience, knowledge and attitude towards HIV patient in West Jakarta Objective: to evaluate the dental profession's experience based on knowledge and attitude toward HIV patient in West Jakarta.


Method: A cross-sectional descriptive design study was conducted with 218 private practice dentists in West Jakarta. Their knowledge and attitude were assessed by validated questionnaire. Structured questionnaire was filled in under informed consent, consist of 20 questions to evaluate the dentist's knowledge, and 16 questions for attitude. Data was analysed by logistic regression.


Result: Good knowledge about HIV patient was found in 127 (58.25%) respondents and a good attitude was displayed by 124 (56.88%) respondents. Data analysis showed that only duration of dental practice (P<.00) less than 1 year served as an independent risk factor for good knowledge and good attitude (P<.00; P<.05) respectively, towards HIV patients. Age, gender, a history of knowing people living with HIV and a history of body contact with an HIV patient were not associated with knowledge and attitude (P>.05). Assuming that a newly graduated dentist (less than 1 year) has retained some knowledge, which could impact on their attitude towards HIV patient in dental practice. Continuing dental education should be introduced regularly to refresh and reinforce a positive attitude to patients living with HIV.


Conclusion: Dentists with less than one year's experience in practice, had the best knowledge and attitude towards treating HIV patient in West Jakarta.


Keyword: dentist, experience, knowledge, attitude, HIV