Stigmatization towards People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA)
amongst Dental Student: A Descriptive Study

I Gede Marantika Yogananda Sutela, Intan Pertiwi, Patricia Eviana Cahyadi, Muhammad Faisal Putro Utomo, IGA Diah Ambarawati

Faculty of Dentistry, Universitas Udayana, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia




The number of new cases of HIV from 2015-2017 in Bali Province was 2,028, 2,367 and 1,931 respectively. this makes Bali an area with a high number of PLWHA. The aim of  this study is to investigate the growing stigma among dental students at the Udayana University.


Methods: This descriptive, cross-sectional study at School of Dentistry in Udayana University was conducted on all students by using a questionnaire containing eight questions related to negative attitudes toward PLWHA, 6 questions related to their perspective about discrimination perceived by PLWHA, and 4 questions related to their assumption about PLWHA equity on receiving treatment on healthcare facilities.


Result: From 242 respondents, 55.0% of them showed a less negative attitudes towards PLWHA. The student's perspective about discrimination experienced by PLWHA is quite low (46.3%) and only 43.8% of the students think that PLWHA should be treated differently from other patients.


Conclusion: This study is the first report on PLWHA related to stigmatization among dental students in Udayana University. Most students show a less negative attitudes towards PLWHA, and this is in line with their assumption of the equality of PLWHA in receiving treatment in healthcare facilities. A further study is needed to understand more about and to maintain this correlation. This is important for the awareness of universal precautions and prevent discrimination towards PLWHA on healthcare facilities.