The Various Oral Lesion In HIV/AIDS Patient
Disease in Wasting Syndrome: A Case Report

Devi Nasution, Tenny Setiani Dewi

Oral Medicine, University of Padjadjaran, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.



Objectives: To describe the manifestations of oral lesions that occur in patients with HIV/AIDS in wasting syndrome.


Methods: A 34-year-old woman presented complaining of boils in the oral cavity that had persisted for three months together with pain and fever.

The patient also complained of dramatic weight loss over the same three-month period. Patients with wasting syndrome often have a history of pulmonary TB and glandular TB. The intra-oral examination found yellowish white pseudomembranous plaques which could be scraped off leaving an erythematous area.


The right lateral border of the tongue displayed a basic yellow and red tumor accompanied by induration. The tumor measured about 2,5 cm x 1,5 cm and was painful. From the uvula to the retromolar pad, there was a reddish yellow granular lesion with an exophytic size of about 4 cm x 1,5 cm and feels pain. The gingival region of the upper right anterior region, displayed a yellow ulcer with irregular erythematous edges and pain; size about 1 cm x 0,5 cm.


Results: The oral manifestations of HIV infection depend on the stage of CD4 value. The lower the CD4 value in people with HIV, the higher the risk of infection in the oral cavity and also in other body parts.

Conclusions: There are various oral lesions in people with HIV/AIDS. History and physical examination of the oral cavity is important for patients living with HIV/AIDS so information can be obtained to help make an early diagnosis.