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Oral Health Concerns with Sexually Transmitted Infections

New England AIDS Education and Training Center | February 12, 2024

HIV and Aging: What Oral Health Providers Should Know

New England AIDS Education and Training Center | January 17, 2024

HIV and Oral Health Update

New England AIDS Education and Training Center | June 30, 2021

David Reznik, DDS

Director of Oral Health Center,

Grady's Infectious Disease Program

Chief of Dental Medicine Service,

Grady Health System

Helene Bednarsh, BS, RDH, MPH

Dental Director NEAETC

Vice President, HIV Dental Alliance


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Treating Patients Living with HIV+

Dental Learning | Henry Schein

Dr. David Reznik, DDS | Director of Oral Health, Grady Health System

In 2019, HHS released a new initiative known as the Plan to End the HIV Epidemic. Understanding this plan and the roll that the dental profession can play in helping patients stay engaged in care and referring or providing HIV screening are important to ensure success. Oral health is an integral component of primary care. As stated in the Surgeon General’s report: “Oral Health in America”, one cannot be healthy without oral health.

Join Dr. David Reznik, Director of the Oral Health Center of Grady Health System’s Infectious Disease Program, for a 1-hour webinar covering information on the important role of the oral health care team regarding the overall well-being of people with HIV (PWH).

Episode 55: OSAP Highlights and Update on Respiratory Diseases
Episode 54: Medical Dental Interaction: The Future is Now
Episode 53: Long COVID,  Acquired Immunity, End of the PHE
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HIV Oral Disease is now available FREE APP for IOS, Android, and Windows phones. Materials include recognition and management of common oral diseases seen in PLWH. Also included are Key Facts important to providing dental care for PLWH.

This effort was the results of a combination resources from HIVdent and the Mountain Plains AIDS Education and Training Center.


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Oral Health in America: Advances and Challenges is a culmination of two years of research and writing by over 400 contributors. As a follow up to the Surgeon General's Report on Oral Health in America, this report explores the nation's oral health over the last 20 years.

Meeting the Dental Needs of People Living With HIV:
“We’re Taking Care of the Whole Person”

For longtime dentist David Reznik, D.D.S., director of the Oral Health Center of Grady Health System’s Infectious Disease Program—an Atlanta-based program he founded 30 years ago—he and his team have seen firsthand the pandemic’s toll on patients. During the past year, Reznik has focused on ensuring that both providers and consumers of dental care have the safest possible visits during the COVID-19 pandemic.


HIVdent's Mission

HIVdent is a not-for-profit coalition of concerned health care professionals committed to assuring access to high quality oral health care services for adults, adolescents, and children living with HIV disease. HIVdent disseminates state-of-the-art treatment information and shares expertise in advocacy, development, training, integration, and evaluation of oral health services for the HIV-infected population.

The primary mechanism by which HIVdent initially intends to accomplish its mission is via this web site. Inside, not only will you find several sections on the oral manifestations of HIV disease and a large picture gallery, but information on infection control, post-exposure protocols, pediatric/adolescent care, medications, funding and other resources.

Through an easily accessible e-mail system, health care professionals and consumers alike are able to communicate directly with our Faculty, some of the foremost international experts in these fields.

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