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2021 National and State Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) Progress Report Shows Increases in Some HAIs

CDC | November 4, 2022

Strategic Plan

CDC | Division of HIV Prevention | October 4, 2022

STD cases soar as officials call for more prevention efforts

CBS News | September 19, 2022

Clinical Considerations for Treatment and Prophylaxis of Monkeypox Virus Infection in People with HIV

CDC | July 21, 2022

COVID-19: U.S. Impact on Antimicrobial Resistance, Special Report 2022

CDC | July 2022

CDC Releases Information about Meningococcal Disease Outbreak in Florida, 2022 | April 12, 2022

CDC’s 2020 STD Surveillance Report

CDC | April 12, 2022

CDC Publishes Updated Hepatitis B Adult Vaccination Recommendations

CDC | April 1, 2022

Preventing HIV in the United States: A New Opportunity for Greater Impact

CDC | January 2022

New CDC Vital Signs Report Reveals a Decade of Continuing HIV Inequities

CDC | February 2022

Clinical Practice Guideline for Preexposure Prophylaxis for HIV Prevention and Clinical Providers Supplement

CDC | December 2021

HIV and Gay and Bisexual Men

Differences in Knowledge of Status, Prevention, Treatment, and Stigma Exist by Race/Ethnicity

Behavioral and Clinical Characteristics of Persons with Diagnosed HIV Infection – Medical Monitoring Project, United States, 2019 Cycle (June 2019-May 2020)

CDC | October 2021

HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau Special Bulletin - CDC Guidance on COVID-19 Booster Shots

CDC | September 24, 2021

CDC Publishes New Data from Medical Monitoring Project

CDC | HIV Surveillance Report | Number 25

CDC STD 2021 guidelines  released

CDC | July 2021

CDC Releases New HIV Surveillance and Supplemental Surveillance Reports

CDC | May 27, 2021

New CDC data show hopeful signs of progress in HIV prevention, but gains remain uneven

CDC | May 27, 2021

Reflections on 40 Years of AIDS 

CDC | April 29, 2021

CDC’s CROI 2021 Select Studies of Interest | March 9, 2021

Fact Sheets
HIV and African American Gay and Bisexual Men
HIV and AIDS in the United States by Geographic Distribution
HIV and American Indians and Alaska Natives
HIV and Asians
HIV and Gay and Bisexual Men
HIV and Hispanic/Latino Gay and Bisexual Men
HIV and Injection Drug Use
HIV and Men
HIV and Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders
HIV and People Who Inject Drugs
HIV and Pregnant Women, Infants, and Children
HIV and Transgender People
HIV and Tuberculosis
HIV and Women
HIV and Youth
Slide Set: Selected National HIV Prevention and Care Outcomes (2017, 2018)
Estimated HIV Incidence and Prevalence in the United States, 2014-2018

Slide Set: Estimated HIV Incidence and Prevalence in the United States, 2010-2018

HIV in the United States and Dependent Areas

Oral Sex and HIV Risk

HIV Risk Reduction Tool

Hand Hygiene Interactive Training Course
Surveillance Reports
Pediatric HIV Surveillance
Infographic: Behavioral and Clinical Characteristics of Persons with Diagnosed HIV Infection, 2018
Internalized HIV-Related Stigma
HIV Surveillance—Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) through 2016
HIV surveillance slide set that describes trends and new diagnoses in men who have sex with men.
HIV Surveillance—Persons Who Inject Drugs (through 2016)
This slide series presents HIV surveillance data for the United States and 6 dependent areas among persons who inject drugs.
HIV Surveillance—Epidemiology of HIV Infection (through 2016)
This slide series presents HIV surveillance data for the United States and 6 dependent areas.
HIV Surveillance in Women (through 2016)
This slide series presents HIV surveillance data for the United States and 6 dependent areas among women.
Updated Guidelines for Antiretroviral Postexposure Prophylaxis After Sexual, Injection Drug Use, or Other Nonoccupational Exposure to HIV--United States, 2016
News Updates

CDC: Latinos with HIV report stigma, discrimination

Axios | October 14, 2022

CDC Medical Monitoring Project 

CDC | July 12, 2022

CDC’s 2020 HIV Surveillance Report Shows COVID Disruptions | May 25, 2022

CDC Recommendations for Correctional and Detention Settings | April 18, 2022

CDC debuts new mask guidelines  

Becker’s Hospital Review | February 25, 2022

CDC: New HIV Diagnoses for Black Americans Were Highest in Vulnerable Communities 

Verywell Health | February 14, 2022

CDC: All Sexually Active Patients Should Know About HIV Prevention Drugs

Verywell Health | December 21, 2021

346,120 living with HIV in Ghana very disturbing — AIDS Commission 

Modern Ghana | November 21, 2021

Lack of Improvement in HIV Infections and Use Prevention Services Among PWID

Contagion Live | November 8, 2021

New estimates reveal declines in hepatitis C treatment in the U.S. between 2015 and 2020

CDC | November 8, 2021

Introducing the new CDC Division of HIV Prevention Organizational Structure | October 4, 2021

The CDC Division of Oral Health would like to announce our new Surveillance, Investigations, and Research Team Lead, Dr. Gina Thornton-Evans

CDC’s New #ShesWell Initiative Aims to Increase PrEP Awareness among Women and Their Healthcare Providers | August 23, 2021

CDC: Wear a Mask, Even if You're Fully Vaccinated

WebMD | July 27, 2021

Now Archived: National HIV and Aging Webinar and Slide Deck 

TargetHIV | July 20, 2021

Walensky marks 40-year anniversary of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the US 

The Boston Globe | June 4, 2021

CDC: HIV Infections Down, PrEP Use Up, but Racial Disparities Persist 

Gay City News | May 31, 2021

New CDC Data Show Decline in HIV Cases, Rise in PrEP Use 

POZ | May 28, 2021

CDC: HIV Is an 'Unacceptable Burden' on 4 in 10 Transgender Women 

Verywell Health | April 26, 2021

4 in 10 Transgender Women Have HIV: CDC 

HealthDay | April 16, 2021

CDC acknowledges Kanawha County plea on HIV outbreak 

Outbreak News Today | April 10, 2021

DHAP Director: New Temporary Role blog | March 19, 2021

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | March 2021

CDC Releases New HIV Prevention Resources from the Let’s Stop HIV Together Campaign

CDC | January 27, 2021

CDC estimates 1 in 5 people in the U.S. have a sexually transmitted infection

CDC | January 25, 2021

CDC’s 2021 National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Toolkit

Update to CDC's Treatment for Gonococcal Infections, 2020

CDC | December 18, 2020

Rochelle Walensky: new Director of the US CDC 

The Lancet | January 14, 2021


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