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HIV PrEP and Treatment Not Reaching Black and Hispanic/Latino Gay and Bisexual Men 

Infectious Disease Advisor | January 12, 2022

Top 5 Most-Read HIV Content of 2021 

American Journal of Managed Care | January 2, 2022

On the 25th Anniversary of the HIV Treatment Revolution, Folks Remember 'Their' 1996

TheBody | December 31, 2021

8 Common Myths about HIV and Aids

Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials | December 16, 2021

Get access to a wealth of HIV resources through the clinic portal

Aidsmap | November 26, 2021

WHO publishes updated guidance on validation of elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B virus

WHO | World Health Organization | November 26, 2021

Year in Review: HIV

Medpage Today | November 12, 2021

HIV Lesions: Causes and Treatments

Verywell Health | August 26, 2021

What Are the Current DHHS HIV Treatment Guidelines? 

Healthline | July 20, 2021

40 Years of HIV: How Far We've Come — and Still Need to Go 

Healthline | July 7, 2021

Assessment of Coronary Artery Disease With Computed Tomography Angiography and Inflammatory and Immune Activation Biomarkers Among Adults With HIV Eligible for Primary Cardiovascular Prevention

JAMA | June 29, 2021

Time to ART Prescriptions Improving in US 

Infectious Disease Special Edition | May 19, 2021

Forty years of nursing science in HIV/AIDS: JANAC marks progress and challenges 

EurekAlert | May 4, 2021

HIV Medicine Association of IDSA Publish Updated Guidance on Primary Care for HIV 

Infectious Disease Advisor | February 5, 2021

Viral Hepatitis National Strategic Plan | January 7, 2021

Characteristics of Sexual Partnerships Among Men With Diagnosed HIV Who Have Sex With Men, United States and Puerto Rico—2015–2019

J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr Volume 84, Number 5, August 15, 2020

AIDSVu Updates: Enhanced Service Locators

AIDSVu | April 2020

Adult and Adolescent Opportunistic Infection Guidelines Updated

AIDSinfo | February 11, 2020

HIV and Nutrition and Food Safety 

AIDSinfo | January 14, 2020

Visit infoSIDA to view the fact sheets in Spanish

Newly Diagnosed with HIV: Now What?

The Body

Case Studies: Medicaid Managed Care Plan Best Practices in Hepatitis C Linkage to Care, Treatment, and Retention

NASTAD | October 24, 2019

Updated Immunization Recommendations in Adult/Adolescent Opportunistic Infections Guidelines

AIDSinfo | September 2019

Human Papillomavirus–Attributable Cancers — United States, 2012–2016

CDC | August 23, 2019

Risk of HIV transmission through condomless sex in serodifferent gay couples with the HIV-positive partner taking suppressive antiretroviral therapy (PARTNER): final results of a multicentre, prospective, observational study

The Lancet | May 2, 2019

STEPS to Care Toolkit

STEPS to Care, a new online toolkit to support engagement in HIV care, is now available for download on the Effective Interventions website.

New Resources on HIV-HCV Coinfection | February 1, 2019

Updated Fact Sheets on Pregnancy and HIV

aidsinfo | January 31, 2019

News Updates

Hepatitis B may increase cancer risk in people with HIV

Aidsmap | January 17, 2022

Communicating During an HIV Outbreak Among People Who Inject Drugs-West Virginia 2019

Physician's Weekly | January 17, 2022

Universal early treatment for HIV could reduce mortality

Healio | January 16, 2022

How Engaged in HIV Care are Pregnant Women?

Contagion Live | January 12, 2022

The contribution of unstable housing to HIV and hepatitis C virus transmission among people who inject drugs globally, regionally, and at country level: a modelling study

The Lancet | January 7, 2022

Did HIV Status Affect Transplant Patients' Long-Term Outcomes?

Medpage Today | January 6, 2022

HIV+ Patients Get Good Outcomes After Kidney or Liver Transplant

Medscape | January 5, 2022

Transgender Individuals Have High HIV Burden

DocWire News | January 1, 2022

'A wave of joy': babies born from world's first HIV positive sperm bank

New Zealand | The Guardian | December 17, 2021

New Hepatitis B Vaccination Recommendations Praised Amid Low Awareness

Medscape | December 16, 2021

HIV Infection Linked to Heart Failure Risk in Kaiser Study

Medscape | December 15, 2021

Inadequate Routine Diabetes Screening Common in HIV

Medscape | December 13, 2021

Ask an Expert: How Do I Stay Mentally Healthy With an HIV Diagnosis?

Verywell Health | December 8, 2021

US systematic review finds poor HIV outcomes for trans women and research gap for trans men 

Aidsmap | November 24, 2021

HDV seropositivity was common amongst HBsAg+ women enrolled in WIHS. 26 (22%) of the 117 HBsAg+ women were HDV seropositive

NATAP | November 12, 2021

NVHR Statement on CDC Division of Viral Hepatitis’ Data Release on Hepatitis C Treatment Estimates

NVHR | November 8, 2021

More Than Half of People Living With HIV Have Coronary Plaque

Medscape | November 5, 2021

Not So Great Expectations: Pain in HIV Related to Brain's Expectations of Relief 

UC San Diego Health - University of California San Diego | November 4, 2021

Premature Mortality Highest Among Black Women With HIV

MedPage Today | October 26, 2021

Menopause Is Associated With Immune Activation in Women With HIV

Journal of Infectious Disease | June 2021

IDWeek: Increasing trends in multimorbidity and polypharmacy over a 5-year period in people living with HIV in the United States 

ID Week | Sep 29 - Sun, Oct 3, 2021

How to Reduce Anal Cancers in People With HIV

Infectious Disease Special Edition | September 15, 2021

Tuberculosis preventive therapy for people living with HIV: A systematic review and network meta-analysis

PLoS Blogs | September 14, 2021

Disparities in opioid overdose deaths continue to worsen for Black people, study suggests

NIH | September 9, 2021

Harm reduction for smokers living with HIV

The Lancet | August 27, 2021

Fact Sheet: Protecting and Advancing Health Care for Transgender Adult Communities

Center For American Progress | August 25, 2021

IAS: Higher comorbidity and comedication burden in women and young people living with HIV More Comorbidities, Polypharmacy With HIV-But Subgroup Differences Abound

NATAP | IAS 2021, 11th IAS Conference on HIV Science, July 18-21, 2021

People age 40 and younger living with HIV have an even higher risk of heart disease than over-40s living with HIV

Medscape | July 22, 2021

Homeless people with HIV prefer flexibility, in-person care and incentives 

aidsmap | July 20, 2021

Women With HIV Are at Greater Risk for Cervical Cancer 

POZ | July 12, 2021

Views and preferences of people living with HIV about smoking, quitting and use of nicotine products 

Int J Drug Policy. 2021 Jul 9;97:103349. doi: 10.1016/j.drugpo.2021.103349

Understanding the Impact of Maternal HIV Infection on the Health and Well-Being of Mothers and Infants in South Africa: Siyakhula Collaborative Workshop Report

Dove Medical Press | July 1, 2021

The global and regional prevalence of hepatitis C and B co-infections among prisoners living with HIV: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Infectious Diseases of Poverty - BioMed Central | July 1, 2021

Infectious disease specialist answers common questions about HIV, AIDS 

KCCI Des Moines | June 13, 2021

HIV incidence down 73% since 1980s, but racial, ethnic disparities remain

Healio | june 3, 2021

Jonathan Colasanti, MD, on Delivering HIV Care in 2021 

Consultant360 | June 2021

Effect of HIV Status on Syphilis Incidence 

Infectious Disease Advisor | May 11, 2021

Consistent Use of Lipid-Lowering Therapies Decreases All-Cause Mortality Rates Among People With HIV

Infectious Disease Advisor | May 7, 2021

What You Need to Know About HIV and Pregnancy 

Healthline | April 29, 2021

Strides Against HIV/AIDS Falter During Pandemic 

WebMD | April 21, 2021

Noncalcified coronary plaque burden higher in people with HIV 

EurekAlert | April 20, 2021

New test offers a simpler way to quantify the reservoir of intact viruses in HIV patients | April 12, 2021

Sepsis More Likely to Cause Heart Problems in People With HIV 

POZ | March 31, 2021

Hepatocellular Carcinoma on the Rise Among HIV-Positive Individuals Managed Markets Network | March 23, 2021

São Paulo patient experiences apparent viral rebound a year and a half after stopping HIV treatment 

aidsmap | March 17, 2021

Immediate Start of ART for HIV May Impact 10-Year Risk for Cancer 

HealthDay | March 16, 2021

Final HIV Prevention & Treatment Research Highlights from CROI 2021 (video) | March 11, 2021

CROI: Faster Time to Viral Suppression in US South, But Suppression Rates Still Modest

NATAP | CROI 2021 March 6-10

Inflammation linked to intensity of tobacco smoking among HIV-positive people | March 8, 2021

People with HIV are receiving treatment earlier, but disparities remain 

Healio | March 8, 2021

Ten year Italian study shows that people with HIV remain undetectable for 97% of the time 

aidsmap | March 5, 2021

Protection From HIV With Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis May be Accurately Assessed in Urine Samples 

Infectious Disease Advisor | March 1, 2021

HIV Care Continuum Strained Under COVID-19 Pandemic Managed Markets Network | February 27, 2021

HIV-Associated Wasting Remains Prevalent Despite Antiretroviral Therapy | February 21, 2021

Recognize Dermatologists for Their Role in HIV, AIDS Fight, Review Says Managed Markets Network | February 10, 2021

Increased Risk for Cardiovascular Disease in People Living With HIV 

Infectious Disease Advisor | February 4, 2021

New Guidance is a Primary Care Resource for People with HIV | January 5, 2021

Sexually Transmitted Infections National Strategic Plan for the United States | 2021–2025 

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services | December 17, 2020

Use of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine: Clinical Considerations

CDC | December 12, 2020

HIV Surveillance Report Supplemental Report: Social Determinants of Health among Adults with Diagnosed HIV Infection, 2018

CDC | November 2020

What are the chances of contracting HIV? 

Medical News Today | Novemver 2020

HIV patients in care are hospitalized substantially less often than in the past 

Healio | November 15, 2020

Management of infection among Medicare beneficiaries with HIV/AIDS: risk of diabetes with protease inhibitors and associated racial disparities using big data approach

AIDS Care. 2020 Nov 11;1-9. doi: 10.1080/09540121.2020.1840503

IDSA and HIVMA Release New Comprehensive Primary Care Guidance for People with HIV

IDSA | November 6, 2020

HIV and Hispanic/Latino Gay and Bisexual Men

CDC | October 2020

A study for precision diagnosing and treatment strategies in difficult-to-treat AIDS cases and HIV-infected patients with highly fatal or highly disabling opportunistic infections: Study protocol for the optimal early intervention for cryptococcal antigenemia in HIV-infected patients 

Medicine (Baltimore). 2020 Oct 30;99(44):e22874. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000022874.

Medical: AIDS 2020: Highlights and New Data on HIV Treatment 

Infectious Disease Special Edition | October 30, 2020

Landmark TB Trial Identifies Shorter-Course Treatment Regimen

NIH | October 21, 2020

Patients with HIV and four-class drug resistance have high disease burden 

Healio | October 11, 2020

HPV Vaccine Greatly Lowers Risk of Invasive Cervical Cancer

POZ | October 9, 2020

OIDP Congratulates 2020 Nobel Laureates Who Discovered Hepatitis C Virus blog | October 7, 2020

Well-Controlled HIV Infection Not Associated With Progression of Subclinical Atherosclerosis 

Infectious Disease Advisor | October 6, 2020

First man to be cured of HIV now suffers from terminal cancer 

Deutsche Welle | September 25, 2020

Rate of Dyslipidemia Higher Among Women Living With HIV 

Medscape | September 2020

Immunosuppression Greatest Risk Factor for Zoster Infection 

Pharmacy Times | September 23, 2020

Medical mistrust grounded in structural and systemic racism affects HIV care for Black women in the US South

Newswise | September 17, 2020

Pandemic-related declines in testing, ‘sexual distancing’ cause dip in reported STDs

Healio | September 15, 2020

HIV-associated plasmablastic lymphoma in the era of HAART: a single-center experience of 21 patients 

AIDS. 2020 Oct 1;34(12):1735-1743. doi: 10.1097/QAD.0000000000002590.

Rapid diagnostic for gonorrhea wins $19 million federal prize competition to combat antibiotic resistance

NIH | August 8, 2020

Study Finds that Trans Women at Highest Risk for HIV/AIDS are Least Likely to Use PrEP 

pride | July 31, 2020

Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of cervical Cancer screening among HIV-positive and HIV-negative women participating in human papillomavirus screening in rural Zimbabwe

BMC Blogs Network | July 25, 2020

The crisis we are not talking about: One-in-three annual HIV seroconversions among sexual and gender minorities were persistent methamphetamine users 

J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2020 Jul 22. doi: 10.1097/QAI.0000000000002461

People on HIV Treatment Gain Weight Faster Than Those Without HIV 

POZ | July 21, 2020

People Who Have Taken Many HIV Meds Have Worse Health Outcomes 

POZ | July 20, 2020

One Third Quit in Duke's Smoking Cessation Program for People With HIV 

POZ | July 17, 2020

Elite Controllers of HIV Have Low Level of Virus Capable of Replicating 

POZ | July 17, 2020

The American Cancer Society updates its guideline for HPV vaccination, adapting a 2019 update from the Federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices 

EurekAlert | July 8, 2020

People with HIV gain weight faster than HIV-negative people 

aidsmap | July 4, 2020

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