I would like to take a moment to thank all of the people who have contributed to the development of this web site. Health care providers, educators, and program administrators and especially people living with HIV/AIDS, from all over the United States and the world have donated their most valuable resources: time, knowledge and experience, in an attempt to make this site useful to both providers and consumers.

The Sponsors of HIVdent:
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HIVdent's Internet Design Team:


Several years before HIVdent's debut on the Internet, Jim Maddox, HIVdent's original Internet designer, and I spent many hours discussing how to make our thoughts/concepts a reality. We had no idea that our conversations would lead to the establishment of one of the premier health sites on the Web. As we approach the 20th anniversary of HIVdent's launch, much work is left to do. We hope that you find the new lay out of HIVdent more user friendly and enabling for those who are living with HIV disease as well as those that are involved in their care.

Jim's dedication to this project, combined with his talent and creativity, was the driving force behind the scenes enabling the Faculty of HIVdent to carry out our mission. Without Jim's altruism, the HIVdent Internet project would not have come to fruition. Jim spent endless, uncompensated hours working towards our goal of facilitating oral health care for persons living with HIV disease. Regretfully, Jim passed away several years ago. His legacy lives on through HIVdent.

The Staff of the Oral Health Center, Infectious Disease Program, Grady Health Systems:
Dr. Judy, Dr. Tony, Dr. Johnson, Sheral, Londa, Sonya, Tamesha, Kaedian, Jessica, Kenya, Brandee Mary Jo, Spencer and Hugh.

Special thanks to Shirley Youngs, Jerry Smith, John Booher, Marilyn Curry, Helene Bednarsh and Jacque Muther

The HIVdent Warm Line Response System

In 1989 I had a patient present to my office with what I now know to be Necrotizing Ulcerative Periodontitis. His major complaints were that he had "deep jaw pain" and was waking up with blood in his mouth. I scaled and root planed his mouth, but a few days later he called to inform me that the symptoms were unchanged. I had recently read an article by Dr. John Greenspan on the oral manifestations of HIV. I felt that if anyone would know what to do in a case like this it would be he, so I called and left a message.

John took the time to call me back , at the time a private practice dentist in Atlanta, listen to my presentation, and give me the information I needed to help this patient. This was the first of many times I took advantage of John’s knowledge. Since then I have always had the philosophy that if someone takes the time to seek out my advise, the least I can do is return their phone call and help, much the same way that John helped me in 1989.

The Warm Line Response System was inspired by those early phone conversations. It is our intention to continue this tradition of sharing knowledge to benefit others.


HIVdent is dedicated to the memory of:
Eric B. White; Mark Michaels, M.D.; Sumner Thompson, M.D.; Jim Maddox; Jacque Muther and the many patients who have touched all of our lives.


Together we are making a difference!


David A. Reznik, D.D.S.
President, HIVdent